Faster camera controls.

Turn your iPhone into a professional compact camera. Whether you're shooting street, portrait, or travel: Never miss the perfect shot again.


“The iPhone is a stunning camera, and with Fjorden, it finally has the tactile precision controls it deserves. Fjorden is always on my iPhone and in my pocket.”

Flo Meissner

Professional Photographer & Founder of Berlin Photo Week & EyeEm

“As a professional photographer with decades of experience, Fjorden represents a dream I've had for many years: A phone that feels like a camera!”

Essdras M Suarez

2x Pulitzer Prize-winning Photojournalist

“Shooting with Fjorden feels so fast and intuitive. It makes the iPhone a much better camera!”

Frode Fjerdingstad

Commercial & Editorial Photographer

"Fjorden enhances iPhone's impressive photographic capabilities by adding professional quality-like camera controls"

"...the first iPhone accessory to really nail the concept of adding physical camera controls to a smartphone"

"For many, the iPhone has become their primary camera. Yet for all its capability, it lacks true manual controls. The Fjorden iPhone Camera Grip adds them back"

“For the smartphone enthusiast, the Fjorden attachment is still portable and sleek, and for the DSLR-junkie, it gives you the precise controls you need.”

“Fjorden, the accessory that adds professional level camera control to your Apple smartphone”


“Fjorden takes a slimmer approach to turning your iPhone into a camera.”

“The Fjorden Grip Adds Full-Size Camera Functionality to the iPhone”

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Fjorden raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter (>20x the original goal) from thousands of photographers around the globe. Watch the Kickstarter video here:

Never miss the decisive moment

Precision Camera Controls

Take DSLR-like control of your iPhone camera with two-stage shutter button, zoom lever, and customizable dial and function buttons for Exposure, Shutter Speed, ISO and more.


Just 10.7 mm (0.39in) deep, Fjorden's patent-pending design is the world's first pocketable iPhone camera grip with multiple physical camera controls.

Adjustable Kickstand

When you're done shooting, Fjorden serves as a fully adjustable iPhone kickstand. Use it in either portrait or landscape.

Precision Camera Controls

Two-Stage Shutter Button

Just like your real camera: Half-press to focus, full-press to capture the image.

Customizable Control Dial

Easily adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO, portrait mode aperture, manual focus, and other parameters without changing your hand position.

Multi-Function Button

You choose what it does: Trigger portrait mode or selfie mode, select flash mode, or switch between other custom settings.

Zoom Lever

Quickly switch between iPhone lenses, or smoothly zoom in and out.

MagSafe compatible

Fjorden's iPhone cases for iPhone series 11, 12, and future iPhones are MagSafe-compatible. Easily mount them onto wireless chargers, car mounts, or MagSafe tripods.

Long Battery Life

A standard CR2032 coin cell provides up to 12 months of battery life and is easily swapped via the battery tray.

Remote shooting

Fjorden connects via Bluetooth and lets you shoot remotely using a tripod - perfect for shake-free night- and astrophotography.

2-Year Warranty & 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Fjorden is designed to be used over multiple phone generations. We're offering a two-year warranty and a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Made with care for the environment

Fjorden is committed to becoming a Climate Neutral Certified company, meaning that we will measure, offset, and reduce all of the carbon it takes to make and deliver our products. Additionally, we pledge to donate 1% of sales to environmental causes.

outstanding design and engineering

Created in Oslo, Fjorden combines the clean minimalism of contemporary Norwegian design with the timeless modernist aesthetic of the Bauhaus idea “form follows function”.

Ultra Compact & Pocketable

Just 1.1cm (0.42in) deep, Fjorden's patent-pending design is the world's first pocketable iPhone camera grip with multiple physical camera controls.

With an iPhone 12 Pro, the depth is the same as an Apple AirPods case and guaranteed to fit into a skinny jeans pocket - so you can always have a professional camera with you.

Fjorden Camera App

The Fjorden Camera App for iOS is an advanced, yet intuitive camera app for fast, one-handed shooting. Use it in "Full Auto" to let the iPhone work its magic, or take manual control of camera parameters.

The Fjorden Camera App interface is fully customizable. Freely assign features or parameters to Fjorden's hardware controls to create the personalized camera of your dreams.

Expanding Ecosystem

Fjorden is compatible with leading camera apps and iPhone lenses.


ProCamera is an award-winning "Swiss Army Knife" for iOS photography, bursting with state-of-the-art technology for photography, video, and editing.

Compatible with Obscura

Obscura brings the kind of controls you’d expect from a professional DSLR to your iPhone. Designed with intuitive controls, ergonomic design and beautiful filters Obscura is the camera that gets out of your way.

Compatible with Moment Lenses

We love Moment's M-Series lenses. The Moment Drop-In Lens Mount (for iPhone 12 series and newer) snaps right into our Fjorden iPhone 12 series cases.



In decisive moments, Fjorden gives you speed and precision. It's unobtrusive and doesn't draw attention. Control exposure to play with architectural shapes and shadows, create light trails at night, capture the feeling of your city.


Pocket-friendly, super-light, and with year-long battery life, Fjorden lets you bring a pro compact camera everywhere. Set precise shutter speed and ISO to match the light, blur the motion of rivers and waterfalls, soak up the atmosphere of unfamiliar places.


Less intimidating than a big camera, Fjorden lets you connect with your model. Capture facial expressions and poses at just the right moment, focus precisely with object/face tracking or with manual focus peaking.


Whether you're climbing, biking, skiing, or flying, Fjorden lets you shoot one-handed with full control over all parameters - even while wearing gloves.


When your kid is taking its first steps, when they meet their grandparents for the first time, and in other magical moments - you'll have a professional camera in your pocket to capture these memories.