First, download and install the Fjorden Camera app.

Download Fjorden Camera


Then start the pairing process by tapping “Pair My Grip” from the onboarding screen or by accessing Grip Settings from the app’s main view.


Pull out the paper tab sticking out of the battery tray from the bottom of your new Fjorden Grip.

After you remove the paper tab, press gently on the battery tray to make sure it stays flush with the grip.


Press & hold the Shutter Button & Function Button on the Fjorden Grip, until the Status LED starts blinking. The name of your Fjorden Grip should show up in the app.


Tap on the + button once your Fjorden Grip appears on the Pairing screen. Your Grip should now be paired with the Fjorden Camera app!

Your grip is ready to shoot!

Enjoy your first #ShotOnFjorden !

If you have any questions about your new Fjorden Grip or the Fjorden Camera app visit our Help Center or get in touch.