WOW - we've crossed the finish line! THANK YOU!!

WOW - we've crossed the finish line! THANK YOU!!

On behalf of everyone at Fjorden, thank you all so much!

When we launched this campaign 30 days ago, we could only dream of seeing this level of support and enthusiasm - now you've made it a reality! You have lifted us above 21x times our original funding goal, and we crossed $500,000 in funding on the final night of the campaign!

Moreover, your thoughtful questions and ideas have spurred us on, and we're already investigating a number of improvements in Fjorden's design based on your feedback. It's been a breath of fresh air to see the constructive discussion in the comments section. We feel grateful and privileged to be part of this amazing community, and we can't wait to continue this dialogue with you as we build Fjorden!

So what happens next?

It's full steam ahead for us. Our manufacturing team is busy with some final revisions to the PCB design and preparing the tooling. We have made progress with the packaging design and will share some images with you soon. We're also pushing ahead with the iOS app development (and are hiring - get in touch with us at TestFlight invitations have been delayed a bit - we had hoped to be able to send them out during the campaign - but will be coming shorty. 

Within the next 1-2 weeks, we'll get in touch with a survey about your current iPhone model, upgrade plans, and anticipated MagSafe case/wrist strap choices, and interest in purchasing Moment lens bundles. These will not be final or binding  - they are just indications that will help us with capacity planning for production.

We'll also be posting regular updates here (at least once per month); you can also reach us at if you have any comments or questions.

... and please check out our friends' campaigns:

We'd like to personally thank Al Morrow, the founder of BIGSOFTI, for his advice and support throughout our campaign. If you want better light for your mobile photography and videography, BIGSOFTI is extending a special discount to Fjorden backers:

Want better photos and video?  YOU NEED A BETTER LIGHT


A 2020 Kickstarter Success Story - BIGSOFTI has now sold $1.5M to over 10,000 Customers

On a film set, when lighting for beauty shots,  cinematographers use the biggest, softest lights, to make actors and models look their best.  A big light wraps gently around features on the face, and a soft light evens out skin tone and diffuses any hard shadows - so bumps and creases disappear.

Created by award-winning Australian designers and film professionals BIGSOFTI is a high quality, bi-colour LED soft light that delivers stunning diffused lighting for better photos, videos and video calls on all your devices.

Click here to get your BIGSOFTI > Fjorden backers can get 15% off their first order TODAY!


And here is another fantastic Kickstarter campaign to check out, run by husband-and-wife creator due Charlie and Jenny. I've backed it myself and can't wait to use it on my desk, sketching Fjorden ideas on my iPad:

MagFlött: Floating iPad Magnetic Stand


IT FLOATS! Ultra Sleek Magnetic Stand makes your iPad Pro & iPad Air 4 float in mid-air.  It’s as satisfying to snap on magnetically as it is to admire on your desk. Rotate and tilt for the perfect viewing angle. Includes a custom curved 6 FEET USB C braided cable. Relieve your back and neck strain with MagFlött! The Kickstarter campaign has reached 8x the original funding goal - you can still get a 33% discount on the retail price here: MagFlött Magnetic Stand.  


Last but not least - a huge THANK YOU to our friends & partners who have helped us get here: Ellen, Fabiana, and Florian at EyeEm; Jens, Nicolai, and Moritz at ProCamera; Ben at Obscura; and Alex, Andrew, Eric, and Marc at Moment

With gratitude from Oslo,

Victor & the Fjorden team

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