Travel Light without Compromising Quality

Leave the heavy gear behind and enjoy the freedom of traveling with the Fjorden Grip. Its compact design and lightweight construction make it the perfect companion for capturing high-quality images on your adventures. Improve your travel photography with the grip's quick access to essential settings and familiar, comfortable handling.

Convenient Backup with Seamless Integration

As a professional photographer, having a lightweight, portable backup camera is essential. The Fjorden Grip serves as an excellent secondary camera that's always with you, without the burden of carrying bulky gear. Effortlessly integrate the grip with your favorite camera apps, such as ProCamera and Obscura, to maintain your preferred workflow while benefiting from its ergonomic design and remote shooting capabilities.

Capture Candid Moments Discreetly

The Fjorden Grip enables professional photographers to capture candid moments with its compact, stealthy design. Its unobtrusive form allows for quick, inconspicuous shooting without intimidating subjects or drawing attention to yourself. Improve your street and event photography with the tactile precision controls and quick access to essential settings like shutter speed, ISO, and exposure.