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Meet the
Fjorden Grip

Enhances your iPhone photography experience. Improved grip, physical controls, and integration with the free Fjorden Camera App give you full control over camera settings.

Street, travel, family portraits: Take the perfect shot with the Fjorden Grip.


Shutter Button

Half-press to focus, full-press to capture.

Control Dial

Adjust exposure, shutter speed, ISO and other parameters without changing your hand position.

Multi-Function Button

Choose what it does: Toggle flash modes, focus peaking, trigger selfie mode or switch between other custom settings.

Zoom Lever

Quickly switch between iPhone lenses, or smoothly zoom in and out.

Remote trigger

The Grip is easy to detach and use as a remote shutter button for night photography or group photos

Safe & Protective

Go for that tricky perspective, knowing you have a good grip on your iPhone. The Fjorden MagSafe Case also features loops for attaching a strap for even more confidence.


Tilt the Grip and use it as a kickstand for hands-free FaceTime calls, and rotate it to landscape and enjoy a full screen video.

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our Camera App

Fjorden Camera for iOS is an advanced, yet intuitive camera app built for fast, one-handed shooting. Use it in "Full Auto" to let the iPhone work its magic, or take full manual control of camera parameters.

We designed the Fjorden Camera App by the same priciples that stand at the origins of the Fjorden Grip: "form follows function". We hope you'll enjoy it!

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